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2005-08-19 23:34:52
제1차 Gender-Specific Medicine 세계대회

제1차 Gender-Specific Medicine 세계대회가 <Men, Women and Medicine: "A New View of the Biology of Sex/Gender Differences and Aging">이라는 주제 아래 2006년 2월 23-26일 동안 독일 베를린에서 열린다.

초록 마감일

구연 발표: 2005년 11월 1일
포스터 발표: 2005년 12월 1일

초록은 Elservier가 펴내는 학술지 "Gender Medicine"에 게재될 예정이다.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

- The State of Gender-Specific Medicine Throughout the World
- Pitfalls and Principles of Establishing a Gender-Specific Medical Center
- The Aging Male and Female
- Sex and Bone Metabolism
- Brain Sex
- Sexual Dysfunction
- Gender and Immunology
- Aging and the Brain
- Hormonal Therapy and Aging
- Improving Quality of Life
- The X and Y Chromosomes
- Stress and Gender
- Gender and the Cardiovascular System
- Sex-Specific Pharmacology
- Gender and Pain
- Gender and the Lung

The Congress is Being Endorsed by:

- The Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University, New York
- The Center for Gender-Specific Medicine at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
- Japanese Society for Gender-Specific Medicine
- The Medical Faculty of Humboldt University
- Free University in Berlin, Germany
- Registration fee before November 10th 2005: Euros 490

자세한 내용은 홈페이지(http://www.gendermedicine.com/default.asp)를 참고할 수 있다.

손미아 회원께서 알려주셨습니다.

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